2 November 2023

Gluten Free Dairy Free Milky Way Magic Stars - No Fun, Just Chocolate [@NLi10]

 Looking at the speciality chocolates I spottd a definite oddity.  £1 gets you a Gluten Free Dairy Free Milky Way

This is odd, as having a dairy free product with milk in the name is a little confusing, especially when Milky Way is all about the fluffy interior.  This doesn't have an interior, but it does have potatoes.

The ground tiger nuts that rescue this bar and make it less dark are in the potato family!

It also has chicory root so tastes a little like the disappointing 80s vegan chocolates.

It actually has stars on it so it's not quite as boring as I'd feared.

And it doesn't have a fluffy core.

I think this needs to exist as a brand name is sometimes important to children, and it sucks not being able to eat specific things due to allergies.  But - it's just not that great a bar.  There are definitely more adult styled dairy free chocolates that are creamy enough for childish tastebuds, and I'd probably just buy those and put them in more suitable containers as treats.

I'd start with the (also confusingly named) Buttermilk range that is also in supermarkets and Holland & Barrett.

That said - absolutely overjoyed that the main brands are trying to make life easier for parents and given a few years they might actually get it right!

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