11 November 2023

Overtone Brewing: Way Out West (The Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop) By @SpectreUK

Overtone Brewing: Way Out West from The Wee Beer Shop

I have IKEA style meatballs for dinner tonight. We have them now and then due to the Swedish furniture company publishing their recipe online during the pandemic. There was at least one good side of being cooped up for so long; IKEA style meatballs with chips, peas and Lingonberry Jam. If you ask nicely, maybe Cinabar will publish the ingredients in the comments if you don't already know them.

I fancy a West Coast pale ale with my meatballs tonight. This Way Out West by Overtone Brewing Company should wash my dinner down rather well. Made in collaboration with The Wee Beer Shop, there should be flavours of citrus peel, pine and peppercorn, from the Centennial and Citra hops, as well a little pineapple and tangerine from the Zythos and Cascade dry hops.

On opening the can there was a lovely citrus aroma from the bright golden pale ale, with citrus, pineapple and spicy pepper to finish. I was pretty excited by this peppery smell, as I love spicy flavoursome beer. I knew instantly that this Way Out West would go very well with my IKEA style meatballs meal.

On taste there was indeed fruity citrus bitterness to begin with, but the pepper spice pounced on this citrus flavour like a hunting tiger. This was definitely no bad thing on my part. Gosh, I love this spicy beer. Those glorious tropical citrus notes, followed closely by pepper and a hint of pine, all smoothed out by sweet pale malts. A delightful brew and it washed my dinner down a treat.

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Mike said...

Definitely add the meatballs recipe!