12 November 2023

Co-Op Christmas Market Sandwich - currywurst & sauerkraut [@NLi10]

I've had great luck picking up the Christmas sandwiches early this year from the discount  section - and here is number 2!

Unusually this isn't the boring side of Christmas - it's the exciting Christmas market - and a German one at that!  Short of including a sausage grilled on a fire pit and some Weissbeer this is as close as you can get.

So much seasoning! And pickled cabbage!

Colours are awesome too - that's likely to add to the nutrition as well as the textures and tastes.

A decent amount of filling, and smells great - no extra chilli flakes needed here.

While the flavours are a little muted compared to an actual German market, this is pretty much as close as you are going to get in a UK Supermarket and everything is very high quality.  The curry isn't too strong for lunch time either.

I'm looking forwards to spotting this one more often and getting the tastes and textures of Germany throughout the run up to Christmas.

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