29 November 2023

Pot Noodle Fusions Chilli Chicken Flavour (Co-op) By @SpectreUK

Pot Noodle Fusions Chilli Chicken Flavour

I find soups, broths and spicy noodle pots a must have this time of year to warm me up in the autumn and winter months. This Pot Noodle Fusions Chilli Chicken Flavour definitely fits into the category of quick to make, and hot and messy to eat.

On un-peeling the top of the pot there was an "unleash what's inside: Hot Sauce" sachet on top of the noodles. So adding freshly boiled water, I followed the brief instructions on the pot. There was a spicy pepper and slight chicken aroma after a couple of minutes, as I mixed in the powder with the stringy noodles. I then unleashed the hot sauce sachet as my glasses steamed up from the heat from the pot.

On taste this Pot Noodle Fusions Chilli Chicken Flavour was medium to pepper hot and very tasty indeed. It made my mouth tingle with a pleasant flavoursome chilli burn. I couldn't pick up on much chicken flavour, as that was a bit lost in all the chilli. However, with some buttered bread, and some ham and tomato on the side it was a tasty meal. It made me feel like a student again, and made me smile and giggle a little each time I had to mop my chin, which was quite often. I'd have this Chilli Chicken Flavour again, but my favourite Pot Noodle will always be Beef and Tomato.

Information on the pot; The 100g pot contained 444 calories, with 17g of fat, 7.9g of sugar, and 2.4g of salt. Vegan friendly, please see photograph for the ingredients.

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