26 November 2023

Suma Organic Vegan Ravioli - Can of Comfort [@NLi10]

As children we survived on can-food for lunches.  We'd open them and heat them ourselves during the holidays and be completely self-sufficient until the evening meal.  Consequently I kind of hate most canned foods now.

This one is a bit special though.

As most of the childhood 80s ones were by Heinz they were mostly sugar and the pasta was barely pasta.  The meat was always dodgy too.  Here we solve all of that by making it vegan and decent quality pasta.

And full of veggies!  Apparently this existed 40 years ago so I could have been eating this all this time.

I microwaved it just like the olden days.

And it looked decent, and smelt fabulous.

The best way to describe this is Hearty.  I'd not want to share the can, but the mix of veggies and filled pasta is spot on - and the sauce is thick and rich.

For these zero degrees days this is the perfect low-effort lunch and I hope to stash a few away for emergencies.  Lovely stuff.

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