30 November 2023

Random Festive Food - Pizza and Blueberry Crunch [@NLi10]

Dominos have been advertising heavily on the streaming at the moment, and in the cinema too.  I haven't seen them mention The Festive One yet - but it's only a matter of time. It's the last day of November and I've already had one!

I mean I'm fairly sure I've had these in other years too - but this is the first for 2023.

So what is it?  Cranberry Sauce pizza!  

Well - more than that - it's like a leftovers sandwich on a pizza.  

Officially that's "classic Christmas flavours including succulent, perfectly cooked turkey breast marinated in aromatic sage and onion, sausage and smoked bacon" so you don't get the actual dry stuffing (good) just the herbs that would give it the flavour.  And it really works.

It's a sweet pizza due to the cranberry and it lacks a punch - but it's very lovely and was instantly chosen by me when I spotted it.  I'd probably not have another one til next year mind.

Something I would have again however is this Blueberry Crunch - it's basically a doughnut with the filling on top.

My local (ish) park had a mini Christmas market with jams and spreads, crafts and a stall selling baked goods.  We got a lovely fresh-that-day focaccia and these doughnuts.

I totally should have got more but at £2.50 each I figured one should be enough.  I also should have taken a pic of the stall to find out where they would be next!

Freshly baked cakes are definitely a weakness of mine, and the Christmas Market seasons should see more appearing.

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