1 December 2023

Milk Chocolate Poppin’ Choc (Aldi) By @Cinabar

Milk Chocolate Poppin’ Choc (Aldi)

Popcorn is a healthier snack, right? So that makes this Milk Chocolate Poppin’ Choc healthier? Ok, I know they have covered it in milk chocolate and fudge pieces and brownie pieces and thrown in some white chocolate curls, and that may counterbalance the healthier claim, but I’m still in. Even if I have to throw in the obligatory comment about replacing perfectly good letters with apostrophes in the title, I’m still looking forward to this Milk Chocolate Poppin’ Choc bar.

The bar is very appealing to look at; it is nicely decorated and looks like the perfect stocking filler if you want to gift it. I’m eating this myself as a Friday treat.

I broke off a piece, and it was a little bit difficult to make sure I didn’t lose any bits as it was a bit crumbly. The texture is out of this world. There is the lovely soft but crispy popcorn, the chocolate, the crunchy bits, and the brownie. It was lovely. I love a mix of textures, and this delivered. From the crunch to the melt in the mouth bits, it was divine.

The taste was gorgeous too, full of popcorn and sweet, creamy milk chocolate. The added decorations are sweet and add a bit of variety. This Milk Chocolate Poppin’ Choc bar is a delight; it is definitely something I’ll be buying again as a treat.

Milk Chocolate Poppin’ Choc (Aldi)

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