2 December 2023

Mikkeller New England Pale Ale (Co-Op) By @SpectreUK

Mikkeller New England Pale Ale

There's no arguing about it, this Mikkeller New England Pale Ale needs to be drunk today. Spending an age languishing at the back of our cavernous beer fridge the previous owners of the house couldn't be bothered to take with with them, this Mikkeller New England Pale Ale goes out of date today. There seems to be a certain amount of argument on the can of this 4.7% in volume pale ale though. It states "Do stuff together", however the passenger of the side car looks absolutely terrified and they are arguing on the back of the can too.

After piling in the oat flakes in the brewing of this Swedish Mikkeller New England Pale Ale, it's described as hazy and having a creamy feel to it. On opening the can there was a light herbal hop aroma, with a wheatiness behind it. On taste this murky golden pale ale had a bitter herbal bite to begin with, then a filling oatiness followed by wheat and a touch of sweetness from the malted barley. I found this New England Pale rather flavoursome, and there's no arguing about that.

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