28 December 2023

Brussel Sprout Ketchup - Sauce Shop (plus leftovers) [@NLi10]

 Christmas has gone, and leftover season is here. And to cope with that you need sauces - and if you got some as presents then even better!

Secret Santa clearly got the same targeted Facebook adverts I do and spotted this lovely ketchup that's made with sprouts instead of tomatoes.

Heck - it might even be gluten free.  Considering it's 61% sprouts though the flavour is very much that of a standard ketchup - sweetened vinegar!  And it's pretty good and quite compulsive.  We had it with beef and veggies and I got so excited I forgot to take the pictures!

Here is a pre-leftover version instead.

This will sit with my other sauce shop bottle - the buffalo hot sauce which is used sparingly to add pizzaz to normal food.  Can't wait to mix them up and to see what happens!

Enjoy this festive gap and make sure nothing goes to waste!

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