16 December 2023

Brew York - Winona Ryeder Imperial Rye Stout (The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Brew York - Winona Ryeder Imperial Rye Stout

I can see what Brew York did with the title of this 8.0% in volume Winona Ryeder Imperial Rye Stout. I do love rye in beer for its spiciness, and I guess the brewer must be quite a fan. Produced in collaboration with Overtone Brewing Company, the back of the can does applaud Winona Ryder's performance in Stranger Things, which I thought she was very good in. Anyway, I have steak and chips tonight, so an Imperial stout will wash that down very well.

Not only was Crystal Rye and Rye Malt used in the brewing, but pale and biscuit malts, flaked oats, chocolate malt, Carafa III, roasted barley, and Mesquite Smoked malt were used in the production of this Winona Ryeder Imperial Rye Stout. The list of malts seems endless, but the can didn't mention what hops were used, so I guess I'll have to try it to find the bite. Let's hope there are no Demogorgons involved.

On opening the Stranger Things themed can there was the unmistakable spicy aroma of malted rye. Beautiful to my excited nostrils, you have no idea how relieved that makes me feel. I have tried so many rye beers that seem to overshadow the rye with other flavours. That spiciness was present in the taste from the get-go, followed by roasted chocolate malt and biscuit flavours, a sharp snap of herbal hops, and then a little coffee and mild smokiness to finish. Oh, this Winona Ryeder Imperial Rye Stout didn't half wash down my steak and chips dinner well. Gorgeous.

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