10 December 2023

Costa Christmas Sandwich - Vegan Turkey & Trimmings - at the Odeon [@NLi10]

 We went to the cinema to see Marvels & the projector broke.  Before that we had lunch in the Costa - as eating a toasted sandwich during a film is a bit mad.  I did take my Chai Tea latte in with me - and then back out.

It's OK - we went back the following day to see the film and enjoyed it.

I didn't really fancy any of the cakes - so figured giving the vegan Christmas sandwich a whirl would be a nice idea.

And it looks good - I mean those lines were on before, but still it adds to the vibe.

And while it's not quite as solid and meaty as some of the versions I've reviewed so far - it's actually quite nice.  The texture was wrong, but the flavours were pretty good - and it wasn't dry like I'd feared.

Again - not one to rush back for (unlike the film) but certainly worth a try whether you are vegan or not.

And as a bonus - here is a Jammie dodger brownie from the cafe in Manchester museum - this was amazing and worth a trip back for :D

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