13 December 2023

Cadbury Dream Raspberry Bites (Candy Mail) By @SpectreUK

Cadbury Dream Raspberry Bites

These Cadbury Dream Raspberry Bites sound more like a spring or summer treat, but they have been hiding at the back of the Foodstufffinds' cupboard for some time. So, now they are a winter pudding instead. Besides, accompanying a pot of vanilla low calorie ice cream, these Dream White Chocolate Bites with raspberry flavoured candy chips should go down a treat.

Cadbury Dream Raspberry Bites

On opening the packet there was the sweet fruity aroma of raspberries and creamy white chocolate. I had a feeling these Cadbury Dream Raspberry Bites would be like eating white chocolate raspberry ripple, and I wasn't far wrong. There was a decent crunch as I took a bite out of the first Raspberry Bite.

There were candy flecks running throughout each Cadbury Dream Raspberry Bite, which tasted of sweet and fruity raspberries, all surrounded by a velvet cushion of white chocolate creaminess. Gosh, what a delight, and a perfect treat with my tub of low calorie vanilla ice cream.

Information on the packet; The 130g bag contained nutritional information that I couldn't even read with my glasses on. We managed to get the full calories at 707. It's fortunate that I exercise like mad and I have a sweet-tooth, so I left enough calories in my daily diet to eat the whole lot for my pudding. Please see photograph for the ingredients and nutritional information.

Cadbury Dream Raspberry Bites

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