21 December 2023

A Dishoom Indian Christmas [@NLi10]

A few days into December we popped to Dishoom. As it was my first time I thought I'd try the Christmas menu - as an excuse to go back in the new year too (they gave us vouchers!)

All the normal food came and looked great.

And then mine didn't come - so we had to re-order it! At least I had my drinks.

And then when everyone had finished their food mine arrived!

And in fairness - it's a nice selection of stuff - but not that Christmassy or Indian.  That's my fault I guess - should have stuck to the ordinary menu.  Good flavours but something was just a hint too spicy - maybe it was these...

I had been looking forwards to these, but they were a touch underdone - would have benefited from the old skillet trick where they are still cooking as they come out, but that's not Christmassy.

Good - but nothing as exciting as Indian Streetry or Indian Brewery Company

But they do have some Christmas gift ideas in the toilets which is nice!

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