23 December 2023

Saltaire White Christmas Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Saltaire White Christmas Beer

It's kind of nice to see snow falling and sticking to the ground. Although it can be a pain, and can be dangerous to travel in, if you're tucked up nice and warm, and don't have to go anywhere for a while, snow is beautiful.

Well, by all accounts it's going to be a wet Christmas rather than a White Christmas here in the UK. Nevertheless, even when times are hard for everyone, what with lack of money, winter bugs and illness, and those that are suffering from loss and loneliness, we try our best to have a good time. Tonight I'll raise my beer glass to everyone out there and hope you are all well, and having a good Christmas.

This lightly hopped White Christmas pale ale had citrus of orange peel and spices of coriander seeds added in the brewing. Saltaire Brewery in West Yorkshire produced this 4.8% in volume festive pale ale with a nod to that famous song, and maybe a little hope for a some seasonal snow on Christmas Day.

On opening the bottle there was an orange aroma, with spice from the coriander, followed by sweet pale malts. The flavour of White Christmas pretty much mirrored its smell. There was the taste of orange peel and the flavour of lightly bitter citrus hops, with warming spice from the coriander seeds and then sweet pale malts into the aftertaste. This was a very moreish festive beer and it washed my ham, fried eggs, baked beans and chips down very well indeed. Lovely.

Merry Christmas, Everyone :-)

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