17 December 2023

Wicked Cookies - Birmingham Christmas Market - Chocolate & Orange [@NLi10] @wickedcookiesuk

 Birmingham has a Christmas market this year (of course) and to make it a little more exciting this year they have segmented it up so that you have to visit different areas.  This means the normal shops don't suffer as much, and that each area has kind of got it's own personality.  The more grown-up Christmas market for people who want to spend money on nice things is by the Cathedral in Pigoen Park - and has actual fire like all real German Christmas markets do.

They also sell cookies.

My partner popped in to town one morning and pounced on the store-owners as they were setting up.  And as a result I got this Chocolate and Orange wicked cookie - in the nice branded bag.

They have socials! And more importantly they tell you to pop it in the microwave for 15 sec then let it sit to give it that freshly baked feel.

And it works! A lovely cookie to have in the afternoon with a hot drink, full of flavours and gooeyness.  I'd have more if I could!

On the times I've visited it's been night time so it's a lot more atmospheric but much more suited to sausages & beer.

Have a great Christmas everyone - it'll be here before you know it!

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