15 December 2023

WHAM Sour Squad (Barratt) By @Cinabar

WHAM Sour Squad (Barratt)

Firstly, a thank you to the lovely people at Barratt who sent me some of these new WHAM Sour Squad sweets to try. The sweets are shaped like spaceships and do look super cute. They are soft, foamy sweets with a sprinkling of sour sugar on the outside. In the bag, there are four flavours: raspberry, lime, lemon, and cherry.

I gave one a try and was impressed with the zingy flavour. They are quite sour to start, but the flavour softens to a pleasant sweetness, but there is still that sharp flavour running through it. The textures are nice too; they are soft but firm, and the sugary coating gives them a nice feel, almost crispy, when you first tuck in.

The lime flavour was probably the weakest; it was still good, but the flavour was the least defined, and it was just a little bit sour without the definition. The two red fruit ones were lovely; both the cherry and the raspberry started sour, had a very good strong flavour, and then allowed the softer sweetness to shine through. My favourite was the lemon; it was wonderfully sour and sharp, and although this too mellowed, the blast of lemon was just perfect and left that citrus kick all the way. Sadly, there were only two lemon sweets in the bag. Isn’t that always the way?

These WHAM Sour Squad sweets must be good because I realise as I’m writing this, I’ve eaten more than half the bag!

WHAM Sour Squad (Barratt)

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