5 December 2023

Kit Kat Churro Edition (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Churro Edition

Churros are doughnuts shaped into a finger or loop and then coated in cinnamon sugar. They are often served with a dip of liquid chocolate. It should come as no surprise, with my love of cinnamon, that churros are one of my favourite desserts. This Kit Kat, sadly, isn’t a UK edition; it was from an import shop, and it was made in America. Apparently they have a national Churros Day in America too, which sounds awesome.

I opened up the Kit Kat and found that the bar was a caramel colour, not milk chocolate. I gave it a test and found it to be far creamier and sweeter than I thought it would be. The flavour had more of a a fudge like taste than that of a doughnut, and the cinnamon sweetness was gentle. I still liked it because I love the spice, but really, I would have been very happy if they had added twice as much spice! Cinnamon for the win. Still a lovely Kit Kat, but perhaps not quite enough of the cinnamon magic as I had hoped for. I would very much like a UK Kit Kat Christmas edition that is cinnamon flavoured, that would be my thing.

Kit Kat Churro Edition

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