14 December 2023

Hotel Chocolat - The Advent Calendar, Dark [@NLi10]

 This year we are light on advent calendars - we have a Lindt one that is mostly little balls (but nice), a cheese one (not mine) and this Black and sparkly one!

As this was off my parents I'd assumed it was Lidl or Aldi - but no, this is the mighty Hotel Chocolate.  They must mistakenly think I've been good this year!

It's a very luxurious affair - crispy foil covered windows and lots of sparkly bits

And like the chocolate - the gnomes inside are very intense - it's like they are looking into your soul.  I promise to be good!

The chocolates are very nice, but it's not a morning calendar - more of a cup of tea after dinner and a nice strong chocolate kind of affair.  Very grown up and sophisticated, and a nice daily treat.

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