24 December 2023

Merry The Mince Pie - Waitrose [@NLi10]

 It’s Christmas Eve! And I’m installed at my parents for the festive period. This means we have all my old family Christmas decorations for background shots.

Here we see Waitrose’s latest festive offering - Merry The Mince Pie and in the background the old fairy from the top of the tree (replaced by a Winnie The Pooh Angel). These were £5 when I did my online order, but on sale yesterday for half price - which was worth a shot.

Here are the ingredients, along with the monkey in a baby grow that was my sister and i’s favourite tree ornament growing up. The ingredients - just chocolate! Well - white fondant stuff anyway.

The wrapping is pretty plush - and fully recyclable- it’s certainly gift like.

And it’s a luxury block of chocolate inside too - a very pretty little mince pie.

Caution - may contain traces of love!

Thick and crispy chocolate - that requires a big push to crack.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

I shred it around my family and they were all quite underwhelmed that it was just white chocolate. I think at Christmas there are a lot more exciting treats on offer!

So Merry Christmas from my family and all the pets (this is Zorro - a visitor) and from all of us at FoodStuffFinds!

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