18 December 2023

Christmas Pudding Wensleydale Cheese (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Christmas Pudding Wensleydale Cheese

I had a shopping list when I went into Morrisons, and I can assure you that Christmas Pudding Wensleydale Cheese was not on that list. Cheese wasn’t even on the list, but this time of year brings strange impulse buys. We walked past the cheese section, and this one literally had a bow on it. How could I resist?

When we came to give it a try, we decided we would have it with some other meats and cheese as a quick and easy dinner. I’m never one hundred percent sure of the correct strategy for opening waxed cheese, so I got a sharp knife and just cut through the middle of the whole thing. From there, you can peel off the rest of the wax.

Inside, you can see the cheese is clearly packed with goodies and fruit. I gave a piece a try. Wensleydale is a creamy cheese and can very much work with a sweeter flavour (it is often paired with cranberries this time of year). The Christmas pudding taste was absolutely out of this world. It was all there, raisins, rum, spices, and citrus. It was absolutely delicious, and the flavour of the dessert was well balanced with sweet, spicy goodness. The creamy cheese shone through too, and it mellowed the spices perfectly.

This Christmas Pudding Wensleydale Cheese may be a novelty in cute packaging, but it also works impressively well, with spot-on flavours. I will be buying another of these for the Christmas cheese board, as I just loved it so much.

Christmas Pudding Wensleydale Cheese

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