11 December 2023

Starburst FaveReds Cotton Candy (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Starburst FaveReds Cotton Candy

I love candy floss, or cotton candy, as the Americans call it. I picked up this bag of Starburst Cotton Candy a while back as I was looking for something to top up an online order I was making, and I think this is one of the flavours I hadn’t tried before. I do keep buying the Dr. Pepper flavour, but this time I was after something different. There are many flavours of Starburst sweets in a bag, so this one is specific to the cherry and strawberry “FaveReds” varieties.

I opened up the bag, and I have to say this Starburst FaveReds Cotton Candy is not the most photogenic item. It looks like the stuffing from a pillow. What you can’t get from the picture is the wonderful, sweet, fruity smell, which is absolutely amazing.

I gave the candy floss a try, and it did not disappoint. The flavour has the perfect base flavour of spun sugar, but mixed with it is the juicy, sweet fruit flavour of red Starbursts. The fruit flavour, in particular the strawberry, works so well as a candy floss flavour; it is like it is meant to be a perfect match. The flavour was super moreish, and with the melt in the mouth texture, I just kept reaching for more. This Starburst FaveReds Cotton Candy is the combination of berry and sugar and all things sweet and fruity. I loved it; this might even replace Dr. Pepper as my go-to.

Starburst FaveReds Cotton Candy

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