29 December 2023

Christmas Panettone Chocolates (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Christmas Panettone Chocolates (Waitrose)

This fits into the category of random things I bought from a service station. We saw family, and on the way back from the journey, we stopped at the services, and there was a small branch of Waitrose. I couldn’t resist having a look around the food hall, and this, along with a few stocking fillers, was one of those things I hadn’t gone out to buy but couldn’t resist at the time.

Weirdly, they Christmas Panettone Chocolates have managed to survive past Christmas, but not quite into the new year. Today seemed like the perfect day to have a chocolate treat while catching up on the recorded Christmas specials off the TV. Inside the box, there is a paper bag filled with quite large truffles. The shell of the truffles is a nice, thick milk chocolate, and inside is a smooth and Christmasy filling. They are flavoured after the Italian Christmas cake Panettone, so they have fruit spices and orange peel all mixed in. The flavour is lovely in these chocolates, with a nice hint of spice and fruitiness. The orange was lovely with them. I would gladly have another box of these and might see if they are discounted post-Christmas. I’m such a big fan of Christmas spice flavours.

So, did anyone else watch the Christmas episode of Ghosts? Honestly, I wish I’d left it where the series ended.

Christmas Panettone Chocolates (Waitrose)

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