31 December 2023

Christmas bits round-up - Monty Cinnamon, Pigs, Yellow Mice! [@NLi10]

 Happy New Years eve everyone! 

Here are some of the things that I've picked up over Christmas that are worth a mention.

First up is one of the new varieties of perennial favourite Monty Bojangles - the Caramelised Cinnamon Biscuit variety.

Same look & feel.

Slightly different twist on the classic.  I prefer the -fruity- ones but these are pretty great.  A little crunch in a sweet and spicy package.  Basically Biscoff, but without the branding.

While in Manchester I had this cronut - chocolate and icing on top

lovely layers in the middle - just a nice little bookshop treat.

These Pigs In Blankets Tortilla Curls were part of a secret santa present and they are pretty awesome.  Just smokey and piggy enough that you can eat a lot of them, and the tube shape is great for crunching, dipping, scooping.  More like this please!

Flo got some pompoms, a big yellow mouse (the favourite) and lots of Felix treats which they are big fans of.

Have a great New Years!

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