19 November 2023

Wizards Chocolate - CBD and Magic [@NLi10]

I occasionally use CBD to help with the minor aches and pains side of my arthritis.  It's not a cure, but if you need an afternoon's respite then one of the tablets or similar with food is a decent way to get it.  My preferred way is the turmeric late, but those aren't always available. 

My 96 year old Nanna (in law) has had a few anxiety issues, and has similar aches and pains to me so I figured this was a nice and measurable way to let her get some relief too.

CBD clearly stands for Chocolate Bearing Disclaimers.  Not to be eaten near your medication times, but as I take all mine in the morning I just leave this for after lunch.

Worth noting that the recommended amount of CBD is dropping from 70mg to 10mg in the UK (apparently) so they don't want you to eat more than 1/5th of this in a day.

It's made up north in York, and is nicely packaged and branded and easily available in Holland & Barrett.

We essentially portioned it into 12 2-cube chunks but ended up eating two of these each so only 1/6th of the bar which is well within the sensible guidelines.  Thing is with CBD - more doesn't seem to have a bigger effect.  No one is quite sure how it does what it does (for the arthritis I'm still aware of the pain that I've caused through hand use, it just doesn't bother me as much) and why small amounts are more effective than one big dose.

We left the stash with Nanna to see if it helped.  She was worried that it might interfere with her regular medication though so only tried a few blocks more before giving it back.

As far as the snack side goes it's essentially just milk chocolate, but there is a hint of a herbal aftertaste that some might not enjoy.  If we do end up getting this back then I'll happily finish it off.

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