19 September 2021

Buttermilk Artisan Confectionary, Padstow - Orange Chocolate Buttons, but Vegan @Buttermilk_uk (@NLi10)

Occasionally you see a new brand in a shop window and have to wander over and take a look.  At first glance this was just one of the many (many) fudge shops here selling their wares - but with a few pre sealed bags to try.

Except Buttermilk is the shops - own brand - confectionary.  They've been here so long, and had so many fans that they can justify some neat packaging and flashy pictures.  It'd be rude not to queue and go in!

I chose the chocolate orange flavour - which is my default for this sort of things.  And it's pretty darn 'free' of the modern contaminants that creep into our sweets.  

There are even more on the back - and there is a button on top for proof of it's Mega status.

Recyclable, vegan, no gluten or palm oil - this is the kind of thing that should eventually show up in all the health food shops (and probably does locally).

I mainly did the pack shot like this to show you that they are all in tact - these haven't been bashed around as they've not travelled far (well until we drove them back to the Midlands I guess). 

This isn't the full portion by the way - this was one of those occasions where the dairy-free chocolate was passed round twice and people took seconds.  This is 100g the good stuff!

The flavour was quite sparkling for an orange chocolate - there is some texture going on here to prevent the goo that often comes from removing the dairy.  And while these didn't naturally melt in the same way that traditional chocolate would I didn't find the experience a negative one.  I'd say that the strong flavours caused me to stop at two on my first try - not the textures.

All in all a win - and something that I'll be looking for locally in the health-focused snack shops (or buying online) but that apparently is stocked in Tesco!  A great little shop, and a fab brand that deserves to go far.

And it looks like they do Advent Calendars...

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