5 September 2021

New OREO O's Breakfast Cereal (@NLi10)

 It's time for premium priced cereals again - this time an Oreo cereal released natively in the UK but almost priced like an import!

These OREO O's (belonging to O?) are a hefty £3.99 for 320g (10 portions) vs Kellogg's Cornflakes being 500g for £2.99 (16 portions). That's more than twice the price per morning - and I don't eat small 'recommended' portions...

Crunchy Cocoa Hoops, And Vanilla Wafer Discs - what kind of communion is this?!  These look like board game pieces (and prices) but what are they like to eat with almond milk?

They do taste a bit like Oreos - but neither has a particularly exciting texture.  This is gimmick cereal at it's finest. Goes down well enough with the tea though.

The flavour washes off a little in the milk too so you do get that milkshake effect that Coco pops do so well.

And while unexciting I will be finishing the box.  I might take this on holiday with me so that my younger relatives can get the experience without having to buy a whole box themselves.  Of all the Kraft/Cadbury things you could have turned into a breakfast cereal this is probably the most instantly interesting, but the least suited.

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