29 September 2021

Real Ham & English Mustard Crisps (Welcombe Hotel and Spa) By @SpectreUK

Real Ham & English Mustard Crisps

My favourite beef crisps are Real Roast Ox flavour. I do like many other brands, but Real Roast Ox crisps beat everything else for me. I have tried a few ham and mustard flavours of crisps before, and haven't found one I disliked yet. So I have big hopes for this Real Ham & English Mustard flavour to be the best! No pressure…

On opening the packet there was a strong ham smell to the slightly reddened crisps inside, with a light sweet mustard and smokiness to the aroma. On first crunchy taste these Real Ham & English Mustard flavoured crisps taste of a deep fresh ham flavour, with a smokinesses, but this smokiness was enough to tell the flavour was ham rather than smoky bacon. There was a light paprika spice mixed in with the sweet mustard. No fire bomb of English Mustard here, but a light sweet mustard flavour that complemented the ham in the flavour rather than burning my tongue, or tickling my nose to take me away from its smoky flavour.

These crisps are really tasty. Having had a hotter mustard and ham flavour of crisps in the past, which was a favourite of mine until a bought a large box from an outlet, I can see why Real went for a subtler flavour of mustard. Having said that, a bit of English Mustard heat never hurt anyone. Well, unless you lick the spoon!

Information on the packet;
The 35g bag has 174 calories, with 9g of fat, 1.3g of sugar, and 0.5g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.
Real Ham & English Mustard Crisps

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