9 July 2009

REAL Crisps – Roast Ox (Vending Machine, Birmingham Bullring)

These crisps caught my eye in a vending machine at the Bullring, as I don’t think that I have seen them before. In texture they are a little bit thicker than a Walkers crisp, but still relatively light and easy to eat. They had a good full meaty flavour that was reminiscent of roast beef. The only negative thing about these crisps is that they were a little bit saltier than I was expecting, and as such they don’t quite beat Walker Beef and Onion for my taste buds.
Having done a little internet research I have found that REAL have got a variety of flavours out at the moment, including Spicy Jalapeno which I will keep my eye out for. REAL is part of the Tayto group, so if any Irish readers try some, I’d love to know what they think!


  1. Never seen the Real brand over here at all I'm afraid, maybe it's only for export (or they are made in uk) Whacky flavoured crisps don't seem to be as prevalent here as in Ireland the UK I think....

  2. Nothing quite beats the Walkers Chocolate and Chilli... my, they were strange!
    This is the first time I have seen REAL crisps round where I live, I'll keep any eye out for other flavours!

  3. We have Real crisps in vending machine at work. Have tried both the Sweet Chilli and Ham & Mustard flavours, both are OK, but I wouldn't rush to buy them again. Was hoping the Ham & Mustard might be like the fantastic Branigans but no such joy sadly.

  4. Branigans Ham & Mustard were seriously good, with a proper tang. I haven't seen any of the other flavours from REAL, but am keeping an eye out for them.


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