1 July 2009

Lindt Hazelnut Mousse [Mousse Au Chocolat] (Tesco)

Am I the only one that thinks the image on the packaging is a little, how shall I put it, unattractive? If I was to be brutal, I could say that it looked like something a dog might leave behind. Surely I’m not the only one that thinks this? Let me know your thoughts below!
The image distracted me a little, but let me tell you about the chocolate instead. This bar consists of Lindt milk chocolate covering a whipped chocolate hazelnut mousse. As regular readers will know, I love nuts and chocolate, and thought that this bar provided a good mix of those flavours. The shell of chocolate around the centre is just the right thickness and cracks satisfyingly when you bite it. Each cube is actually quite chunky, and the mousse inside is really light and fluffy, making it almost melt in the mouth. Inside the mousse there are also tiny bits of hazelnuts which add to the flavour, but do slightly divert from the smoothness of the chocolate. Over all a lovely bar, my only complaint being the image on the packaging!


  1. Oh I'd love that with a cup of coffee.....

  2. It sounds delicious, too bad they bombed out on the packaging. I had a bunch of Lindt bars in my hand yesterday when I was at a Swiss store, but decided it might be too hot for chocolate even if they got there in a few days.

  3. Derval - milk choc and coffee - heaven... mmm...

    Jeanna - thats the problem with the heat. I bought a bag of Reese Pieces, and accidentally left them in the car when I did a supermarket shop - they are in the fridge recovering as best they can. :-(

  4. I thought the same thing when I saw the image on the packaging, I think that's why I have yet to try this even though I've seen it several times at TK Maxx.

  5. I actually bought one of these in TK Maxx today.
    Tastes quite good, though I think the shell of chocolate is a bit thin and the hazelnut taste a bit overpowering...

  6. I enjoyed the nutty flavour... but there is a bar which is just plain milk chocolate mousse too.


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