17 July 2009

McVities Penguin Bakes (Asda)

I found this product in the cereal bar section of the supermarket, not the biscuit aisle which is the traditional place to find Penguin products. This was the first clue that this product was going to be a little bit different from regular Penguin items.
Inside the packet were six individually wrapped ‘bakes’, each consisting of a bar marked into three pieces. On the inside of the bar is a soft filling, it is very reminiscent of the proper Penguin bar chocolate filling and was very pleasant. The coating though is a little strange, it is chocolaty in taste but in texture it is more like that of a dry Nutrigrain bar, which unfortunately let the whole product down a little. The bakes each had a nice flavour, but needed a better moister casing.


Jeanna said...

Great name, looks like a thick filling.

cinabar said...

Penguin is a cool name, and they make loads of chocolate coated biscuits here in the UK... and yummy they are too! Have you not tried them?