15 July 2009

Mars Midnight [Limited Edition] (Pound World)

This is a Polish bar which has been imported and found in a UK pound superstore. The bars were fantastic value in the shop too, as they were four for a pound! This bar is similar to a regular Mars except that the chocolate coating is made with rich dark chocolate instead of the milk. The nougat inside the bar is white in colour and creamier in taste and softer in texture than that of a regular Mars. The caramel flavour seems more pronounced too, I’m not sure if the layer is thicker or whether it is simply tastes sweeter, but it is good!
The whole bar is lovely, the dark chocolate and creamier nougat go together really well, offset by the caramel. As it is such a soft bar it kind of melts in the mouth, and is very quick and easy to eat. In fact the second you finish you immediately want another one... did I mention they were just four for a pound? ;-)


  1. excuse me, but where can one acquire the nando's peri peri crisps? they sound delicious. thank you.

  2. Tesco's stock them, so that's the best place to look. They are rather lovely, so I hope you can find some. :-)

  3. In the US, they make a Milky Way Midnight bar - Milky Ways being Mars, of course.

  4. I do find it a bit strange that Mars and Milky Way are the other way around in the States. I have no explanation for it!
    Lovely bar though! I wish it was more commonly available over here. I may have to go back and get another four for £1 - just in case...

  5. You know I think I've seen this here in the states, but the label was a little different. Don't like dark chocolate, but my mother does, will keep a look out for it.

  6. If she likes dark choccie - she would love this, it is absolutely yummy! Called Milky Way Midnight over your way (thanks simon h b) ;-)

  7. Which Pound superstore, cinabar?????
    Names are important (as are addresses!)


  8. Paulham - Fear not it's: Pound World, Wolverhampton branch that I got them from.

    I noticed Cybercandy also stock them, but not so cheaply, as Mars MilkyWay Midnight from the USA they are in Covent Garden or online: http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/aaasmt/index.php/url_pmet3/xlc_585/xdbc_midnight/dbtc_1/pic_1/add_custsearch/stc_0/scope_short#585

    They are an absolutely fab bar... mmmmm... hope you find some! ;-)

  9. Cheers cinabar.
    Yes I saw them in Cybercandy.
    I once obtained the Polish ones in Farmfoods for 10p each.

    Yes, I bought lots!

    Nice blog incidentally. :)

  10. 10p each!?!?! Now that is a bargain!

    Glad you like the blog, I'm loving writing it!


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