29 July 2009

Mars Treets (Sainsbury’s)

This is a product re-launch of some choccies that used to be available up until 1988. Mars are reviving an old brand in the hope that it will stir up reminiscence sales, much like for the recent Wispa bars. But this product confuses me for a couple of reasons. Firstly I do not remember the originals, which makes no sense as they include both chocolate and peanut and I usually have a good memory for such confectionary! Secondly my initial thought is - aren’t these just one colour peanut M&Ms, a product that is already available and also manufactured by Mars? The image in this link does give the impression that Treets somewhere along the way became M&Ms? http://jetube.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/mms_treets.jpg
All of that aside time to tuck into the product. I do like the fact that they are in a sharing bag, I suspect in their original form they weren’t in an easy re-sealable pack. I was surprised by just how much I liked these chocolates too. Compared to a peanut M&M, there is definitely more chocolate around the peanut, and it tastes stronger too, I even thought that it was almost a dark chocolate in taste. The shell has a good crisp crunch and sugary flavour and I actually found myself rating these over M&Ms. From a bit of research, I’ve found that they also used to make chocolate and toffee varieties too, I wonder if Mars will be releasing those? As these are such a tasty product, I do hope the other options will follow soon!


  1. I cant remember these either... but I was only 4 in 1988! I like the sound of these as I love peanut M&Ms

  2. You scooped me again :D great post! Worthy of a mention on my wrap up post on Sunday ;)

  3. Katie - a lady I work with remembers them, in fact she hadn't noticed that they'd been discontinued!

    Jim - Cheers ;-) I always look forward to your Sunday posts!

  4. I remember treets. I think the toffee ones came in a blue bag.

  5. I wonder if these Treets are successful they will re-release the Toffee ones... would love to try them!


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