21 July 2009

Starburst Smoothie Chews (Sainsbury’s)

This is the second recent new product from Starbursts, this variety being a summer edition inspired by popular smoothie drinks. They also released Starburst Twisted Chews just a little while ago. There are three flavours in the Smoothie packet and these are:

Strawberry and Banana (Pink and Yellow Wrapper)
I found that both the strawberry and the banana flavour were very distinct and full of taste. The sweet was quite sharp, but the two tastes worked well together.

Strawberry and Blueberry Yoghurt (Pink and Purple Wrapper)
This particular sweet had a very strong strawberry hit, and a lighter blueberry taste, but I found no way of picking up on any yoghurt in the mix. As with all Starburst products this sweet is also quite sharp and has a bit of bite.

Mango and Passion Fruit (Orange and Yellow Wrapper)
Of all the sweets in the bag this was my favourite as it had the most summery taste. Both the mango and passion fruit were well defined, and the whole chew was really juicy, and had a lovely zingy edge.

When I first purchased these sweets I was convinced that as they were named smoothies the flavours would be smoother than regular Starburst products. Of course they were just as sharp in taste, but all very refreshing. I think that there was a lovely selection of flavours in the bag, perfect for summer.

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