28 July 2009

The Simpson’s Caramel Choco’s Biscuits (Sainsbury’s)

After the High School Musical branded cereal from the other day, I have found another ‘new’ branded product. This one is a brand I feel a little more comfortable with though – The Simpsons. This is a packet of biscuits, inside of which are further portioned packets each containing two biscuits. The idea is that it makes them perfect for lunch boxes, and it also helps with calorie control as it measures out a portion for you. It also means there is a fair bit of potentially excess packaging though, but that is a different issue.
Inside each packet were two shortcrust biscuits, filled with a splodge of caramel and chocolate. They are very pretty looking biscuits, with the shortcrust pastry making a nice pattern around the edge.
They also taste rather good, as the pastry melts in the mouth and chocolate and caramel flavours add to the taste perfectly. The branding may boost sales, but that is irrelevant as the biscuits are yummy.

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