19 July 2009

Walkers Tomato Ketchup Crisps (Asda)

When Walkers first started doing there ‘Do Us A Flavour’ competition, somebody messaged me and told me that they could no longer find Walkers Tomato Ketchup crisps. Dutifully I have kept my eye out for them, and this is the first time I’ve seen them since, and it is several months later! So I don’t think that these are a new product, just one that supermarkets (etc ) cut back on while Walkers had the six trials flavours out for their competition.
If you have been looking for Walkers Tomato Ketchup crisps, I am now pleased to announce they are finding their way back on to shop shelves! They are just as good as I remember them too, full of sweet tomato and that sharp almost vinegary edge. Absolutely lovely crisps and it is a pleasure to be able to buy them again.


DavidH said...

They are indeed lovely, in Essex I have no trouble popping in to any Tesco or Asda and picking them up, been the same for the last twelve months or so. Must be an area thing.

cinabar said...

Yep, the Walkers flavours round here greatly reduced when the shelves were filled with all the limited edtion 'Do Me A Flavour' competition entries. I've really missed the Kethcup ones!