7 July 2009

Snack Bites: Maryland Choc Chip Cookies / Cadbury’s Mini Fingers (Sainsbury’s)

I spotted these two new additions to the biscuit section in Sainsbury’s today. The packet is labelled as ‘new’ but the contents are regular products shrunk down and presented in a sharing bag. These bags of goodies seem to be taking off, and I do like be able to re-seal the bag when we’ve finished. Just looking back through my blog quickly there have been quite a few products with this style of packaging recently:
On to the latest additions then:

Mini Maryland Cookies
Most biscuits I eat I tend to dunk in coffee. However as these are smaller and more bite sized, I actually really like these without doing that. They are easy to eat and full of flavour with a buttery biscuit and chocolate chips. I wonder how the cookies will stay fresh in the bag though, as they aren’t air sealed. If I manage to leave any for a period of time I will let you know how they hold out!

Cadbury’s Mini Fingers
I do like Cadbury’s Fingers, so I just knew I wouldn’t go wrong with a miniature version. They have the usually sweet creamy biscuit flavoured base, with a good coating of Cadbury’s chocolate. They are so easy to eat and moreish, that there should be a warning on the pack stating that it is far too easy to lose track of how many you’ve eaten! It is a lovely revamp of a classic treat.

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