5 July 2009

Cranberry and Red Fruit Smoothie bar (Tescos)

I don’t get to go to Tesco’s much, so am not the best person to comment on their own-brands, but I can spot a ‘new’ label at fifty paces, so these caught my eye.
It seems that one of the keywords for summer seems to be ‘smoothie’, we have had Galaxy ‘Smoothie’ Milkshake, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream ‘Smoothie’ and now ‘Smoothie’ bars.
I picked up a box of cranberry and red fruit smoothie bars, and was very impressed by them. They are quite soft in texture rather like a very soft nougat. The texture is very slightly grainy though too, and has bits of berries mixed in. The bar is very pretty to look at as it is presented in two different colours, pink and half covered in a cream coating. My photograph doesn’t quite do it justice! The cream section is yoghurt flavoured, and the pink is the fruit section. This bar is definitely one for the sweet toothed (like me).Initially you get a hit of cranberry, followed by an aftertaste of strawberries. It is sweet and zingy, and has wonderful fruit flavours that remind me of sweets or candy. It is indeed a very summery bar, and one to give a try as refreshing change to regular cereal bars.

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