20 July 2009

Lindt Dark Mousse [Mousse Au Chocolat] (Selfridges)

This is one of the other bars released by Lindt as part of their new mousse range. As with the hazelnut variety, which I wrote about earlier in the month, I still don’t like the image on the packet as I find it looks rather unappetizing.
Never the less, I wouldn’t let that stop me from tucking in. The bar is split into big chunky pieces of rich and sweet smelling dark chocolate. The chocolate shell is smooth in texture and has a good full flavour cocoa edge; when bitten it cracks satisfyingly revealing the light mousse within. The mousse also has a good dark chocolate taste, but adds a wonderful sweetness to the combination of flavours that works remarkably well. The bar as a whole has a very sophisticated taste or strong cocoa, with a sweeter fluffy mousse and from somewhere a slight nutty aftertaste. As the mousse is so light, it makes the bar very easy to eat, and it just leaves you wanting more!

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