10 July 2009

Starburst Twisted Chews (Sainsbury’s)

I seem to have gained a sweetie bowl at work, and feel that it is only fair to share my obsession with new products with those lovely people I work with. However I bought these new Starburst sweets and have been rather surprised at just how slowly these have gone down. In the bag are three types of sweet each with two flavours twisted together..

Dark Pink and Yellow
I think this is a combination of raspberry and lemon, and is very strange in taste almost like an overly sweet marzipan.

Purple and Yellow
The purple is definitely blackcurrant and the yellow may well be lemon, but it tastes sharper than that to me. This whole sweet is very strong in flavour, almost like kali.

Red and Green
The two flavours in this sweet are strawberry and lime, and this was my favourite of the available varieties. It was still sweet, but with the lime shining through and has a good zingy sharp taste.

This bag of sweets is strictly for the sweet toothed and those wanting a seriously fruity hit!

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