31 July 2009

Milka Blueberry Cream and Hazelnut Cracknel (Germany)

I always put my hands up before writing about Milka and confess that it is my favourite chocolate! I think it is because I love nuts and chocolate, and the chocolate itself always has that lovely nutty ‘alpine’ taste. One of the best things about Milka is that they do come up with interesting combinations of fillings. As someone who always likes to try things that are different, this gives me another reason to love the brand!
So, as you can imagine, I adore the chocolate in this bar, but the filling itself is also rather amazing. The blueberry centre is light and creamy in texture, with an added crunch from the cracknel. In flavour of the blueberry is sweet, fresh and zingy, and nicely balanced by the honey nut taste. Put it all together and this is a bar that really says summer, if only we had the weather to match!


Dreich said...

Looks interesting but I'm one of the people who likes chocolate and likes nuts but doesn't like them together, weird I know.

The problem is if we had the weather to match the taste of summer then the chocolate would melt although personally I associate nuts with more autumnal time.

cinabar said...

I don't know why, but I associate berries and chocolate flavours with summer, like this blueberry bar. Things like cinnamon and chocolate are more winter bars.
Don't get me wrong though, if someone gave me a cinnamon/spiced bar on a hot sunny day it wouldn't stop me! :-D