26 July 2009

Twix PB [Peanut Butter] (Cybercandy)

For those of you following my Twitter adventures this week, you will know I’ve been in London. What trip to London is complete for a Foodstuff Finder without going to Cybercandy in Covent Garden, which is filled with all sorts of interesting chocolates and candies.
The first thing I picked up in the shop was this Twix Peanut Butter, which I have been desperate to get my hands on since I first heard that it had been released in The States. It consists of a dark cookie base, topped in peanut butter and coated in milk chocolate.
I absolutely loved this bar. The dark base is soft, but full of cocoa flavour. The peanut butter is very smooth and creamy, and adds that wonderful nutty salty taste I so love, and the milk chocolate flavour pulls it all together. In one word – fantastic!!! Why do chocolate manufactures think that all the chocolate and peanut butter lovers live only in the USA?

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