14 July 2009

KitKat Caramel (Sainsbury’s)

It does seem to have been quite a while since we’ve had any new flavoured KitKats around, so I was pleased to find a new caramel version in the shops.
When I opened the wrapper the first thing that is noticeable is this absolutely wonderful aroma of caramel. The smell from this chocolate is lovely, sweet burnt sugar. Biting in I was a little disappointed to find that there is no layer of gooey caramel within the bar. I just expected there to be visible caramel inside. The taste of caramel obviously comes from flavoured chocolate instead, and is not as strong as I expected from the aroma. Having said that, there is still an acceptable amount of caramel taste within the bar, and it does complement the chocolate and wafer nicely.
Over all it is a nice bar with a decent flavour, but it is disappointing that it didn’t a have that layer of oozing caramel! I do hope they release a KitKat Caramel Chunky!


Emily said...

Yum! Want one!

cinabar said...

Can't beat caramel and chocolate for a mix of flavours - I'm just surprised that this isn't one of their permanent varieties.

car9 said...

ive eaten a caramel kit kat chunky before AND IT WAS WONDERFUL =] nothing beats caramel + chocolate =]]...well.. maybe pb + chocolate. xD

cinabar said...

After your tip car9, I've just realised that Kit Kat caramels are available abroad.. and Cybercandy stock them as imported goods!!! Going to have to order me some!

paulham said...

I tried the Chunky variety today. A pile of poop! It is just a solid lump of fudge-like icing on top.
Not good!

Still, here's a KK deal not to be missed:

cinabar said...

Thanks for the tip on the Peanut Butter Kitkats - they WILL be missed. :-(