23 July 2009

Maynards [Limited Edition] Reds and Blacks (Sainsbury’s)

According to those folks at Maynards, fans report that their favourite wine gum flavours are the red and black ones. Consequently, for a short time only, Maynards have released a limited edition bag of sweets with just the red and black flavoured wine gums within it.
For those that don’t know these sweets are firm jellies and have a slightly chewy texture. The black ones are blackcurrant flavoured and the red are widely believed to be raspberry, but I always think they have a slightly cherry taste mixed in too.
The limited edition pack also has a promotion on the bag where you can ‘win the loot’. In other words make sure you check the inside of the wrapper to see whether you have won £100. Sadly the inside of my pack revealed the word ‘sorry’, but perhaps I’ll have better luck next time! I shouldn’t really complain, the sweets were lovely!

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