18 July 2009

Twix Cappuccino (Pound World)

This is another Polish import find from Pound World, were I discovered the Mars Midnight I wrote about a few days ago. These Twix bars were also in the fantastic four for one pound section, so are really good value for money.
When I opened the wrapper I was hit by the lovely smell of coffee cream that seemed to be generated from the pack. When tucking in, the extra cappuccino flavour wasn’t as strong as I was expecting, it was pleasingly mild. I was worried that it might distract from the regular flavour that you get from a Twix, but it didn’t at all, the biscuit, caramel and chocolate were all distinctly there and there was a lovely coffee flavour mixed in too. I thought the bar was very well balanced in taste; I do have to admit to thinking that it could have easily have been sickly. The bar is nicely put together and well worth seeking out.


NLi10 said...

The under 99p store above new Street has lots of nice things including that chili & fruit choc you reviewed - I got Pomegranate - or Hot Grenadine as they called it.

It's oddly nice!

And those German hazelnut wafers. :)

cinabar said...

I love all the hazelnut wafers - love ordering them with my coffee in Costa. £1 or 99p stores are always filled with wonderful discoveries!