22 July 2009

Mauxion – Choco Fun (Asda)

This bar of chocolate consists of milk chocolate with colourful sugar coated candies set within it. The packaging, with its bright colours and cartoon drawings, really gives a sense of fun, and as such when I opened the bar I was a little disappointed to find that not many of the candies were visible. There was just the odd speck of red and blue colour showing through here and there. Even hidden within the chocolate there was barely an average of one candy per cube. Having said that, the main chocolate in the bar was of a very high quality, and absolutely lovely. When it melts in the mouth it has quite a thick texture and a good taste of creamy smooth cocoa. The candies hidden within add an occasional crunch and add a little sweetness. To be honest the main milk chocolate is of such a good quality I would have preferred a bar of just that!

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