30 July 2009

Go Ahead! Oat Squares Apple & Blackberry (Waitrose)

‘Go Ahead!’ specialise in making healthier cereal bars, biscuits and other similar items. Inside this pack were five individually wrapped squares of a flapjack like product. I am not a big flapjack fan, as I find them a little stodgy, but these did not have that problem. Consider them to be a light flapjack. They are fairly thin too, which I think helps with the texture.
Although they do not have the syrup taste you may associate with flapjacks, they do have the rather lovely fruit flavours to sweeten the treat. I have to say I actually really enjoyed these with my coffee at work, and have to give the product credit where it is due. They tasted far naughtier than I expected from a lower calorie item and made a lovely afternoon treat. They have also released a mixed berries variety of Oat Squares which I will be keeping my eyes out for too.


Jeanna said...

These types of bars can be too thick and the filling is usually the best part. I always keep something like this in the glove compartment in case I miss breakfast or lunch.

cinabar said...

Yes they are handy for that sort of thing. I find them ideal for when I have a meeting just before lunch, as they stop my tummy rumbling!