24 July 2009

Great Bite Mints (Alton Towers Hotel)

What drew my attention to these mints was the packaging. I found them on the counter of a small shop in a hotel, but it is hard to miss the lovely tin they are in. It is designed to look like a shark took a bite out of it, and the packaging actually made me smile, so I felt obliged to buy them!

When I opened the tin, I smiled again when I saw what the sweets themselves look like. Each one looks like it has had a mini shark bite taken out of it. I just love novelty and these sweets are so cute!
Great Bite are also a strong spearmint sweet, which is lovely to see as I find most strong mints are peppermint. In texture they are quite solid, but do crumble after a little while. They are a shade softer than a Polo mint for comparison. In taste the spearmint is lovely and strong, but not so much so that it is uncomfortable. A refreshing mint in absolutely lovely packaging!


Anonymous said...

these are available elsewhere. Cant remember whether it was aldi or a cheapo shop like home and bargains

cinabar said...

Bet they were cheaper than buying them from a hotel! I wonder if there are any other products in the range?

Phil said...

I get the novelty factor but I think I'd feel a bit psychologically distubned eating these, that feeling that someone has taken a bit out of them. Still it's a cool idea!

Unknown said...

can someone please sell me one these tins before this christmas :o