27 July 2009

Mild Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce – (Selfridges)

This sauce is the natural opposite of the Hot Tabasco Habanero Sauce I wrote about a couple of months ago. Instead of being extra hot, this sauce is labelled as being mild.
Smelling the product all I could really pick up on was a scent not unlike roasted peppers, which was rather inviting, but did leave me worried that there wouldn’t be much spice to this at all.
However when I tested the sauce I was pleased that the roast pepper element was still apparent, but that there was also a lovely tingle of a burn too. I actually tried this sauce with cheese on toast, and thought it went perfectly. But the more I ate, the stronger the chilli burn and the heat really does creep up on you! The moral of this story is that if Tabasco use the word ‘mild’ they do not mean the sauce is mild, they mean it is mild compared to regular Tabasco – i.e. still hot!!!


Dreich said...

Sounds and looks rather interesting, may have to try it sometime although I'm addicted to sweet chili sauce.

cinabar said...

Sweet chilli sauce is ace, especially with prawn toast... mmm...