12 July 2009

Yorkshire Tea – Ginger and Treacle Cake (Home Bargains)

One of my favourite Sunday treats is to have a slice of small loaf cake like this for dessert at lunch time. Usually I find that it is quite easy to get either a golden syrup / treacle variety, or a ginger flavoured one. This is the first time I have seen both flavours incorporated into one cake, and I was of course excited to not have to make the choice between the two types.
The cake comprises of a wonderfully moist sponge, and a lovely smooth texture. Within the sponge are pieces of sweet ginger that enhance the taste immeasurably. The whole cake is rather gingery, and I was a little bit disappointed to note that there isn’t much treacle favour. In fact had it not mentioned treacle on the packet I would never have guessed it was anything other than a pure ginger cake. Don’t get me wrong, the cake is absolutely lovely with a sweet tangy flavour in its own right, it is just a shame about the lack of promised treacle.


Derval said...

Mmmmm, ginger cake and custard - delish!

cinabar said...

Do you know I have never had their ginger cake hot with custard... I have no idea how I haven't tried that yet!?!? Well at least I now know what I'm having for pudding next Sunday!!