25 July 2009

Weetabix – Chocolatey Whole Grain Stars [High School Musical] (Asda)

It has been too long since I last wrote about a breakfast cereal, so I decided to have a look at what is new in that aisle of the supermarket. Oddly enough the only thing with the magic ‘new’ label that I could see was these High School Musical cereals. I have to admit that I’ve never actually seen the film, but I’m sure that shouldn’t stop me writing about the product.
The product consists of chocolate flavoured stars, which remain fairly solid even after adding milk. I found them to be rather nice, and with a good wholesome cocoa taste and not overly sweet. They are a surprisingly good cereal, but I wonder how many people would be put off by the film references?


  1. I didn't get soup yesterday because it was based on a cartoon, but I bet this is a selling point for the cereal.
    I admit I've seen two of the HSMs and the first one is really good.

  2. Well I bet the HSM films are on TV over the Summer Holidays or Christmas... if they are, I might just give them a shot!

  3. Personally I'd be put off by the packaging. It seems aimed towards youngish girls rather than adults. I've never seen the actual films but I have seen the Irn Bru advert based upon it if that counts.

  4. Dreicht I've never even seen the Irn Bru add!

  5. http://www.irn-bru.co.uk/gingergenius/premiere

    is the Irn Bru advert based around high school musical, not their best advert but still something different than other soft drink adverts. Guess it only gets shown in Scotland.

  6. Loved that advert! :-D Thanks for sharing, its ace! Not seen that here in England.


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